Texas Star RV Park

                                          Rules and Guidelines


Texas Star RV Park is a privately owned commercial property designated for recreational vehicle guest use, offering spacious lot rentals which provide electricity, water, and wastewater utility services.  In addition, each space includes satellite TV and Internet.
Our Rules and Guidelines are set forth in accordance with all laws of the State of Texas, Texas insurance requirements, and to ensure the safety and pleasure of all guests. 
These rules are posted at the office and on the website and are subject to change at any time.  You are responsible for staying up to date on the rules by checking these areas.

Registration and Fees

  • All camping guests please register at the office and pay all fees prior to parking in any spot.  The office is located in the left rear of the park.  Every guest must be registered on the paperwork in the office.
  • Check out time is 1:00 pm unless prior arrangements are made with the office.
  • Refunds can be made on a case-by-case basis if proper notice is provided to the manager with a legitimate reason for a change of plans to stay (such as being laid off from work, etc.).
  • Management reserves the right to reassign lots at their discretion.
  • Fees are due when agreed upon, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly.  As per Chapter 184 of the Utilities Code, an RV park may withhold electric, water, or wastewater utility services if the occupant is delinquent in paying for services until the occupant pays the delinquent amount.
  • Texas Star RV Park reserves the right to remove guests and their vehicles for failure to pay the full amount owed or for failure to comply with the written rules and guidelines of the park.
  • Upon check-in, guests will be provided a Direct TV receiver and Remote Control.  They must be returned in good condition or guests will be charged for their replacement.  If not returned, theft charges will be filed on the registered guests.

 RV Space Rental Additional Rules

  •  All sewer lines must be hooked up with a sewer hose adapter and kept OFF the grass to allow for mowing.
  • Should your water line have a leak, it needs to be turned off until repaired.
  • Please keep the exterior of your sight orderly at all times and free of trash.  After two warnings, your site will be cleaned for you at a $25.00 charge.
  • There shall be no appliances kept outside, whether working or not.  Non-working appliances must be removed from the property completely.
  • There shall be no clotheslines or clothing hanging on the exterior of your location in a visible location.
  • Guests are expected to keep their RV’s exterior maintained with a clean appearance at all times.  Should a guest fail to or be unable to clean their RV after a management request, it will be done for you at your cost.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any RV based upon its appearance and/or condition.
  • Please remove all plants or objects in the grass that interfere with maintenance.  You must keep all cords, cables and hoses coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew.  
  • Office must be notified if an RV is sublet or sold to another individual.  That individual must register with the office.
  • Please help conserve electricity and water and avoid waste.

Safety / Courtesy

  • The speed limit in the park is 5 mph and restricted to designated roadways.  NO DRIVING OR PARKING ON GRASSY AREAS.  Each space may hold one vehicle.  Any additional vehicles must park in designated parking areas, never in the grass.  Any vehicle violating this rule may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • PLEASE watch out for children! 
  • For everyone’s safety, all children under the age of 16 much be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 while near the ponds.
  • All children should return to their sites by dark.
  • Quiet hours are from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am for those guests who work.  Please ensure your machinery, TV, radio, etc., does not emit sounds past your space.
  • Please leave all areas cleaner than you found them.  If trash cans need attention, please notify the office.
  • Fires are limited to fire pits only.
  • No firearms, BB guns, or fireworks are to be discharged on the property.

Alcoholic Beverages and Drug-Free Environment

  • Alcoholic beverages should not be readily visible in the park. 
  • Public intoxication shall not be tolerated and will be dealt with in whatever manner necessary as needed and decided upon by management.
  • Operating any vehicle in the park while under the influence of alcohol is not allowed at any time.
  • All guests shall not engage in or facilitate any criminal activity, including but not limited to violence or drug-related activities.  Any resident is subject to a criminal history check at any time.  Texas Star RV Park reserves the right to refuse services to any individual where safety may be a concern.  Be aware of the following, which will not be tolerated.  Immediate removal from the park will occur with no refund.
    • “Violent Criminal Activity” means any felonious criminal activity that has as one of its elements the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or property of another.
    • “Drug-related Criminal Activity” means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution or use; or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute; or use of a controlled substance (as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802)).​
  • If it becomes necessary to call the local authorities due to a disturbance of any kind, guests must vacate the property immediately without a refund.


  • Outside dogs are allowed but must be on a leash or in a contained area at all times.  No outside cats are allowed. Please clean up after your pets, including all droppings.
  • All pets in the park should have a rabies certificate with the owner.
  • Texas Star RV Park reserves the right to refuse to allow certain breeds of dogs in the park, including but not limited to breeds deemed “vicious” or have a history of biting, no matter the circumstance.  The safety of our guests is always paramount.


Management/Owner assumes no liability for loss or damage to guest property and/or injury to persons, pets, or parties arising due to use of park facilities or caused by others while on the premises.

The Park will not be held responsible for damages caused by the Acts of God, such as, but not limited to, hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes, rain, floods, lightning, flying objects, or falling limbs or trees.

Texas Star RV Park, it’s owner, manager, employees or agents do not and will not assume any responsibility or liability for theft, disappearance, fire, loss, injury or damage to any person or property. Each guest assumes full responsibility and liability for his/her RV unit and his/her property, including the property of visitors or guests. Each guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Texas Star RV Park, its owners, managers, employees or agents from any personal injury or property damage to any person or guest arising from the use of any portions of Texas Star RV Park by the guest, their family, guests and visitors, or arising from the failure of the guest to keep their unit and property in good working condition.

The Management reserves the right to make necessary changes to these rules and guidelines without notice by posting the changes at the Park Office and on the website.

Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in removal from the Park with no refund. Management reserves the right to refuse any reservation or move-in without cause.

Every guest, by the posting of these rules and regulations, acknowledges their agreement and willingness to comply with and be bound by these rules and regulations.